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Love Yourself Organic Soaps -THYME
Love Yourself Organic Soaps -THYME
Love Yourself Organic Soaps -THYME
Love Yourself Organic Soaps -THYME

Love Yourself Organic Soaps -THYME

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Great for Acne!

Made with organic oils and Thyme herbal extract from Spain. The Thyme soap is luxurious with  an uncomplicated fragrance. It's long-lasting, fresh, energizing and loaded with antioxidants.

My goal was to create soaps that use *natural ingredients and no added colors*, with a focus on hydration, moisture, quality and cost. To achieve results, we must incorporate an overall lifestyle health.

I blended these soaps thinking about boosting skin health, using vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants to help against premature aging, fight acne, and help with circulatory health. “ ~ Dr. G. 

Thinking Green? Did you know soap bars are better than liquids? They sure are.

 "I am  Italian and I remembered my dad always swore by the healing and antibacterial properties of Thyme. I tried your soap and I am definitely a customer!" Brewster, NY


***Our soaps are not to replace any existing health, wellness or medical routine; but ONLY a healthier organic option for those looking to incorporate great organics into their lifestyle. Results will vary for customers***


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