The Story Behind Designs by Dr. G.

"...Because I have fairly sensitive skin, a few allergies, hypothyroidism and sjogren; I use no-fuss, no-frills options that are healthy for daily use..."

One day a few years ago I was chatting with a colleague. It was one of those relaxed meetings where your goal is just to catch up, learn more about the other person’s business, see if you can help each other out, and say thanks for supporting my vision.

We were at a café with an enormous range of coffee and tea selections. My colleague explained some of the possibilities, including the popular option of orange tea with milk.

In response, I came out with one of the many silly things I say that often get a positive reaction or a laugh.

“That’s a good one,” my colleague said. “I should put it on our T-shirts.”

“Not yet! Let me copyright it first.” I was half joking…

…but later I had one of those moments when you think, this could be a fantastic opportunity.

I started thinking about how often people compliment me on how healthy and young I look. Women are always asking my skin-care secrets.

Because I have fairly sensitive skin, a few allergies, hypothyroidism and sjogren; I use no-fuss, no-frills options that are healthy for daily use.

What if I could share my lifestyle choices with others?

The idea started to take shape for an online store that would let other women benefit from the products that work so well for me.

I spoke to my attorney about trademarking the tagline. I contacted a client who runs a trophy and promotional items business and explained how this new venture could be mutually beneficial. He agreed to help. The next step was to poll potential users, which I did—and there was great interest.

I had to put the store idea on hold for a couple of years because it demanded more time, resources and research than I could commit while remaining true to my vision. Again, a chance meeting moved the project forward. Connecting with a friend who has expertise in retail, merchandising, fashion and production reignited the store’s launch.

And now I’m thrilled to offer Designs by Dr. G., my first product line on the lighter side of life.

This is a little different than what I’ve done for the last 20 years… but it all fits. I’m a speaker, management consultant, trainer and a small and start-up business specialist. For nearly two decades I’ve worked with a diverse spectrum of businesses and serve in interim roles for startups and mom-and-pop operations. I’ve completed more than 15 commercialization projects and I’m a technology transfer technology commercialization specialist and certified trainer.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming e-book, “KEOS: Key Elements Of Success” and Children’s book, “Sankar the Chimp!”

Here are some of the other things I’ve done that have helped me define those key elements are:

  • A WE NYC Mentor
  • One of Top 50 Influential Women in LI
  • Past facilitator for LI Dress For Success Going Places Network Program
  • Recipient of LIBN Diversity in Business Award in 2017
  • VP Operations for Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce (LIAACC) Serving Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn and the largest chamber of it's kind in NYS
  • Educational liaison working with Farmingdale State College, Stony Brook University, and University of the West Indies-Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Board Member and Chair of LIASB (Long Island Advancement for Small Business)-Women in Business
  • Member of Town of Brookhaven Black History Commission
  • Facilitator and Co-Founder of “Brand Yourself in the Energy World”
  • Volunteer for LI Coalition for the Homeless and Planning Committee for "Have A Heart for the Homeless" Candlelight Vigil
  • A member of the Long Island 2020 Census Committee

And yes, I am a doctor!

Laughter is free medicine for the soul, mind and body.

From me to you: keep laughing and thank you for your support.

Best always,

Dr. G.